Fahr's disease

Fahr’s disease was considered to be extremely rare until several years ago. Only one out of a million people was thought to suffer from it. Which would amount to 17 patients in The Netherlands. Thanks to genetic research in the last few years we now know that must be several thousand patients in The Netherlands. These people have no symptoms yet or are misdiagnosed.

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I wish for the peace to accept what I can't change, the strength to change what I can't accept and the wisdom to discover the difference between both.


Zoals al aangekondigd moest de laatste patiëntendag via het scherm plaats vinden. Wat er toen inhoudelijk gezegd is vindt u terug in onderstaande clips. De volgende patiëntendag vindt hopelijk weer live plaats. Dat zal wellicht komende winter zijn.

Donation campaign

We've started a donation campaign at doneeractie.nl. Read more about patients John en Bernard. Also watch the video (campaign and video in dutch)

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I have Fahr or I think I have. Help!

Have you received the diagnosis or do you think you have Fahr? You can reach the Centre of Expertise through the association.
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